Group word – Category 3: Positive Feelings

[Adjective list]
Category 3: Positive Feelings
– successful
Definition 1: achieving your aims or what was intended – thắng lợi
Ex: They were successful in winning the contract.
Definition 2: having become popular and/or made a lot of money – thành đạt, thành công
Ex: The play was very successful on Broadway.

– thoughtful

Definition 1 : quiet, because you are thinking – trầm ngâm, tư lự
Ex: He looked thoughtful.
Definition 2: showing that you think about and care for other people – chu đáo, ân cần
Syn: considerate, kind
Ex: It was very thoughtful of you to send the flowers.
– victorious
Definition: having won a victory; that ends in victory – chiến thắng, khải hoàn
Syn: Successful, triumphant.
Victorious in sth: He emerged victorious in the elections.
– vivacious
Definition: (especially of a woman) having a lively, attractive personality – sôi nổi, hoạt bát, lanh lợi
Ex: He had three pretty, vivacious daughters.
– witty
Definition: able to say or write clever, amusing things – hóm hỉnh, dí dỏm
A witty speaker
– wonderful
Definition 1: very good, pleasant or enjoyable – tốt, tuyệt vời
It’s wonderful to see you!
Definition 2: making you feel surprise or admiration – tuyệt diệu, phi phường
Syn: remarkable
It’s wonderful what you can do when you have to.
– zealous
Definition: Showing great energy and enthusiasm for sth, especially because you feel strongly about it – nhiệt huyết, hăng hái
Ex: a zealous reformer
– zany
Definition: strange or unusual in an amusing way – làm trò hề
Syn: wacky
Ex: Zany humour


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