Group word – Category 2: Appearance

Category 2: Appearance
– Blushing
+ having a red face (from anger, excitement, embarrassment or shame)
+ đỏ mặt, bẽn lẽn
+ The blushing boy was brought before the principal.
– Gleaming 
+ shining brightly
+ sang bóng
+ a set of gleaming white teeth
– Misty
+ with a lot of mist, not clear or bright
+ mơ hồ, mập mờ
+ misty memory
– Smoggy
+ of or pertaining to smog
+ mờ sương khói
– Muddy
+ full of or covered in mud
+ lầy lội, lấm bùn
+ Look! You’ve made the floor all muddy
– Glamorous
+ especially attractive and exciting, and different from ordinary things or people
+ đẹp quyến rũ
+ glamorous movie stars
– Grotesque
+ extremely ugly in a strange way that is often frightening or amusing
+ kỳ cục, kệch cỡm
+ tribal dancers wearing grotesque masks

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