Group word – Category 1: Quantity


There are lots of words maybe common to you guys but in some case of daily conversation it seem not be easy to appear in our mind at all because we don’t often use it much so here is a list of common adjectives that useful for formal as well as informal conversations in English. This list contains 11 categories and each one will be presented by some mindmaps like this picture. We hope it helps you to limit trouble in describing something, someone, or some situations. 
Let’s make sentences with 7 words in Category 1.
Category 1: Quantity
– Abundant: 
Definition: existing in large quantities, more than enough
Syn: plentiful
Ex: Fish are abundant in the lake.
– Empty: 
Definition: with no people or things inside
Syn: Hollow
Ex: An empty gesture aimed at pleasing.
– Few
Few – Used with plural nouns and a plural verb to mean “not many” – Few people understand the difference.
A few – Used with plural nouns and a plural verb to mean “ a small number”, “some” –We’ve had a few replies.
– Heavy
Definition 1: more or worse than usual in amount, degree – The noise of heavy traffic
Definition 2: full of or loaded with something – Trees heavy with apples.
Definition 3: involving a lot of work or activity – A heavy schedule
– Numerous
Definition: existing in large numbers
Ex: He has been late on numerous occasions.
– Many
Definition 1: a large number of
Definition 2: used with a plural verb to mean “ most people” – a government which improves conditions for the many.
– Light
Definition 1 : of less than averafe or usual weight – light summer clothes.
Definition 2: not great in amount, degree, etc – light traffic
Definition 3: (of a meal) small in quantity – a light supper/snack


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