Clip on Vietnamese history wins praise

VietNamNet Bridge – In 10 minutes, the country’s history is briefly summarized in a very attractive way through a graphic clip produced by students of the Saigon Technology University. The clip has attracted thousands of viewers in a couple of days.

Vietnam, history, clip, students
 In the clip, if the earth is compared with an orange, Vietnam is only a tiny orange seed.

The main content of the clip is the answer for the question “Why Vietnam is S-shaped as it is now? To keep the S letter, what has Vietnam experienced?”

Being posted on the YouTube on January 6, the clip had over 77,000 viewers and nearly 10,000 likes by January 8. The work of the Saigon Technology University’s students has received the enthusiastic support of the community and has been shared across online forums.

The group of students said they produced this clip in the Inforgraphic form to introduce “an approach in the transmission and perception of knowledge on Vietnam’s history to the youth”.

According to them, Vietnam has a history of over 4,000 years and is one of the cradles of mankind. Therefore, the material on the history of Vietnam is huge that not everyone can comprehensively access and research.

“This project, too, is no exception. So, if there is any information in the clip that you think inaccurate, please tell us,” said To Dao, a group member.

The clip is highly appreciated by the viewers, with comments like “too great”, “beautiful design,” “so meaningful” and “the 10-minute clip consists of the knowledge of many years of learning history.”

Many viewers said that if general students learned history through such clips, Vietnamese students should have not been bad at history and suggested to add the clip into the curriculum of general schools.


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