Poets encouraged to commercialise their work

According to Poet Doan Thi Lam Luyen, Head of Vietnam Reproduction Rights Organization (VIETRRO), Vietnamese poets could collect billions of VND from copyright fees if a regulation was applied.


 O Hai Dau Noi Nho was sold for VND300 million

Journalist and poet Tran Dinh Chinh recently sold the copyright of his poem O Hai Dau Noi Nho (At Two Ends of Longing) for VND300 million (USD14,000) surprising many people.

The poem, which was about the longing of two separated lovers, was adapted into song by composer Phan Huynh Dieu.

Previously, the copyrights of Mau Tim Hoa Sim (The Violet of Myrtle Flower) was bought at VND100 million for music adaptation.

According to the law, poets will receive 30% of a song’s royalty fees. Many well-known poets such as Huu Thinh, Le Huy Mau, Giang Van have received millions of VND after their words have been adopted into popular songs.

However earning royalties from magazines, book publishing or from adaptation are not the only ways to make money. Poet Doan Thi Lam Luyen said poetry copyright in Vietnam was still vague and weak. If a regulation on the fees were set up and applied, poets would be able to earn billions of VND.

“If each reader paid VND1,000 when they read a poem online then we could collect VND100 million after 100,000 views.” Luyen said.

According to Luyen, this method is very practical but would require a professional and competent management team.

In fact, there are investors who charge readers when they want to access the fiction online. After half of the year, the investors gained billions but most of the popular books are by foreign authors.

Luyen said famous poem such as Mau Tim Hoa Sim could earn billions and there’s no worry that good poems will be ignored. For example the love poem Doi Dep (A Pair of Sandals) by Nguyen Trung Kien has attracted over two million views.

She also said poets should not sell their rights. Because some enterprises bought the poems to be used as trade marks so the audience wouldn’t be able to appreciate the work.

However, some poets have disagreed with the commercialisation of their arts, saying readers should be able to enjoy their poetry online for free.


Poet: /pơu it/: a person who write poems

adapted into: /ơ daept/ : to change sth in order to make it suitable for a new use or situation

royalty: /roi ơ lti/: a sum of money that is paid to sb who written a book, piece of music..each time that it is sold or performed. (tiền bản quyền)



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