The letter for sadness

Today, we went off earlier than everyday. Works were finished at 16h, I came back my room and went to bed to get my energy back. From the beginning of the time I got this job to now, I’m always a victim of every flood of flu virus which came from my company. I seem to be fatter but my heath is not good despite of my efforts for doing exercise everyday. But why? Because I have not tried my best yet?

I sat alone on a corner of my balcony and thought some things. I felt lonely not just cause none beside me at that time. I’m lonely because I miss my mom, I miss my close friend…. I even saw the image I call my mom in my dream… And I felt lonely cause I miss him who was always beside me all the time before. I wondered myself  “What are they doing at this time? Do they miss me?”

I saw everything without glasses, so they seem to be stranger. The moon (at 3/11 according to the lunar calendar) is circle. And all the streaks of light were also circles. My life is vicious like a circle!

I thought about my job and built on my mind a comparison. What should I do now? I wish I could find out what I love and pursue it. Someday, I certainly discovery it!




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