[No comment!] Fake parents for hire at weddings

Many shops which specialise in providing packages of wedding services have recently introduced a peculiar service which leases out   bride and bridegroom parents.

The cost for renting the ‘parents’ ranges from VND2 million (USD95.2) to VND5 million (USD238).


Illustration photo. Many couples use the service to have an impressive wedding ceremonies 

Mr. Dung, the owner of a wedding service shop in Hanoi, said that this year he has helped nearly 10 couples to hire bride or bridegroom parents. Most of his customers are young couples aged between between 27 and 35, most of them are getting married against their parents’ wishes.

Mr. Vu, of Hanoi, said he used the service to avoid marriage registration with his lover, who is a seller at a souvenir shop in Hanoi. Being a married man, Vu fell in love with that girl when he came into her shop to get a gift for his boss. After she asked him to marry her a friend suggested hiring parents to take part in the ceremony.

Vu decided to use the service and to hold a very big wedding ceremony in order to make sure his second wife and her family felt safe and did not have to worry about official marriage registration.

An owner of another shop on Le Thanh Nghi Street said a number of couples who use the service to have an impressive wedding ceremonies. Many believe that ‘hired parents’ will look better than real ones, who may be from the countryside and have behaviours that could embarrass the bride and bridegroom. (——-> very stupid!!!)

Mr. Minh, also of Hanoi, said that he and his wife, Huong, fell in love two years ago, but his parents refused to accept Huong. His wife’s parents are fruit sellers, while his parents are professors. They tried multiple ways  to try to convince the parents, but to no avail.

Finally, when his now wife was in the fifth month pregnancy, and his parents still did not change their viewpoints, he hired ‘parents’ for a wedding.

Despite ignoring Minh’s small family, his parents often asked his friends about his life. When his wife gave birth, they came to the hospital. It was also the first time that the parents met one another and the truth was discovered.

Mr. Tuan sometimes acts as a hired bride or bridegroom father. He said that recently he had to play the role for two wedding ceremonies and felt embarrassed to prepare the speech for both, trying to avoid making mistakes. He forgot to take his blood pressure medicine, however, and fainted during the ceremony. 

peculiar: /pi’kjuli ơr/: = particular (adj)
leases out /li:s/ = rent: a legal agreement that allows you to use sth
ceremonies /‘se rơ mơ ni/: lễ
avoid /ơ void/ to prevent sth bad from happening
souvenir /su vơ ni ơr/: sth that you bring back for other people when you have been on holiday

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