(Haha) Men opt for rotten virility solution

Vietnamese men are turning to  rotten eggs after believing rumours it will improve their sex lives.

 Vietnamese men are turning to rotten eggs after believing rumours it will improve their sex lives.

The trend started following a report published in the Daily Mail which said the foul smell of rotten eggs could stimulate failing sex drives. The report cited scientist claims that the gas behind the smell of rotten eggs could be used to create an alternative sex drug to Viagra.

According to Nguyen Thu Ha who is working at a chicken breeding farm in Ba Vi District in Hanoi, they have thousands of rotten eggs daily.

“We have received a lot of orders for this kind of egg and always sell out,” Ha says. “Customers are men or women who buy the eggs for their men. The prices are quite cheap, from VND 600 to 1,000  per egg.”
Nguyen Mai Huong is a regular customer. She says that she started to buy rotten eggs for her husband after reading the story.  

“My husband has erectile dysfunction and I decided to buy rotten eggs for him to eat. It seems to have worked.” 
While people in Hanoi have to visit poultry farms, shops in HCM City claim demand for these kinds of eggs have increased.
However, local medical experts have poured cold water on the story, insisting that eating rotten eggs may be harmful. 
Doctor Nguyen Thi Lam, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, said was sceptical of the claims. Doctor, Phan Bich Nga, Deputy Director of the Centre for Nutrition consultation under the National Institute of Nutrition also said that there has been no research into the effect of rotten eggs on male virility.

“On the contrary, the protein in rotten eggs is less and the sulphur has transformed into sulphuric hydrogen which is harmful to health,” doctor Nga warned. “Various bacteria found in rotten eggs may cause problems including stomach aches, vomiting and diarrhoea.”


turn to: eat, drink sth

rumours:  a piece of information, or a story that people talk about, but that may not be true

stimulate: to make sth develop or become more active; to encourage sth

cite: give an example

Deputy Director


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