Walking on the Happy Route

By Pham Thai in Ha Giang

A photographer takes a snapshot of a minority village in the valley which seems many miles away

Happy Route is the name of the area that connects the three communes of Ha Giang-Dong Van-Meo Vac in the northernmost province of Ha Giang.

Construction of Happy Route started in September 1959 and took six years to complete by the workers of 16 minority groups from the surrounding areas.

In particular, Ma Pi Leng slope was the toughest and most dangerous part for the brave workers. The slope is about 20 kilometers in length and was built in order to go through the peak of Ma Pi Leng which is 2,000meters high in the Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark.

This route leads from the top of Ma Pi Leng to the villages by the sides of Nho Que River – Photos: Pham Thai

Workers  risked their lives  hanging above the rugged cliffs to chip pieces of rock and tug the explosives to blow the rock and make the path.

At the peak of Ma Pi Leng is a beautiful house where tourists can take a rest to contemplate the whole area as well as the gorgeous Nho Que River which resembles a small green thread thousands of meters below.


Route: = road (big road)

Contemplate: to think deeply about sth for a long time


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