Tet comes early for trees

Yellow apricot trees in many Mekong Delta localities blossomed early, three months before the Tet, worrying growers about sales for the holiday.

Truong Van Diep, from Tra Vinh Province’s Cau Ke District, said that more than ten apricot trees in his garden have been in blossom for more than a week. He shared that for people in the southwest, it would be lucky for the whole year if yellow apricot trees blossom on time for Tet.

He added that recent heavy rains might be the cause of early blossoming.

Nguyen Van Binh from Can Tho City’s Thot Not District complained that, “Last year, his apricot trees also blossomed early. This year I took care of my trees to avoid the same situation, but, more than 20 apricot trees have already blossomed.”

For many farmers this early blossoming could translate into huge losses.

Yellow apricots blossom three months before Tet

Growers worried about losses

Petals fall

A large apricot tree in Tam Binh District, Vinh Long Province

Tet comes early for trees


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